What we do

Communication Strategies

Experience and enterprising spirit: these are the concepts that describe us best. In our book, value creation means placing our know-how at the service of businesses, and developing effective strategies, carefully studied to help brands reach their target.

Social Media Strategy

We build effective social and digital strategies, starting out from specific business needs and objectives, consistent with the various markets we operate in: Europe, the USA and China. Every project we develop derives from a long-term vision that allows us to turn every communication opportunity into a memorable, engaging experience, on and off internet.

Traditional & Digital PR

We are the voice of our clients. Our added value? Our relations with the media, opinion leaders, bloggers and social influencers. We work closely with the surroundings, applying a global vision. Turning a news item into a social conversation - this is the kind of challenge we like to rise to, and there’s only one format for achieving it: the passion we invest in everything we do.

Content Production

We know how to make the most of what our clients have to say, and any kind of content is a resource to create a thrilling storytelling experience. Transmitting a unique message in a market overloaded with information is our way of enriching the consumer’s experience.


We love to showcase a brand by offering an engaging experience: devising offline events offers an opportunity to bring depth to the communication strategy, cutting the distance between businesses and people.

Media Buying & Planning

We select the most effective media to reach the targets defined and to optimise investments, adopting a budget analysis and distribution process able to successfully engage and combine online and offline strategies.